Video: Wild battle between exhausted fighters leads to unbelievable comeback

Alex Munster sits atop Rudy Gunawan at a One Pride MMA show in Jakarta, Indonesia | @Grabaka_Hitman, Twitter

We’re barely two months into 2021 and we may have already seen the Knockout of the Year and the Submission of the Year.

Now, thanks to a pair of brawlers in Indonesia, we have a leading candidate for Comeback of the Year.

At a One Pride MMA (no relation to either of the well-known promotions) show in Jakarta on Saturday, Alex Munster and Rudy Gunawan fought until they literally had nothing left to give, spurred on by a referee with a liberal interpretation of what defines a proper stoppage.

See for yourself in the clip below:

It’s clear the two welterweights have zero gas in their tanks by the second round as they amble forward like zombies throwing arm punches that would look out of place in a beginner’s boxercise class. It’s Gunawan who scores first blood (and we use the term loosely), dragging Munster down by his arm and punching away at his supine foe who barely has enough energy to cover up his face.

Somehow, the fight is not waved off. Even more miraculously, Munster gets back up.

In hot pursuit (again, we use the term loosely), Munster cracks an equally exhausted Gunawan with a left hand then drives a running knee into his face as he tries to stand (a legal maneuver under One Pride MMA rules). The attentive referee, ever a stickler for fair play, makes sure that Gunawan doesn’t use a fence grab to stand up.

Munster lands a glancing right hand and then just kind of pushes Gunawan down before initiating the slowest transition to mount in MMA history. Regardless of the lack of speed, Munster establishes the dominant position, even managing to plant his knees on Gunawan’s shoulders so that he can rain down punches freely.

At last, an end. By the way, that all happened in just over two minutes of action.

Munster improved to 6-1 with the win and has now scored three consecutive victories. His previous bout was a KO win in just 30 seconds, and you have to imagine he’ll be aiming for that kind of fight in the future rather than go through anything like this ever again.

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