KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 full fight video highlights

Watch KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 full fight video highlights from the main event, courtesy of DAZN.

KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 took place Nov. 9 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif. KSI (1-0) and Logan Paul (0-1) made their professional boxing debuts in a highly anticipated rematch, which aired live on DAZN. Catch more video highlights below.

For more on KSI vs. Logan Paul 2, check out the live blog below from Bloody Elbow.

Round 1 – KSI with two jabs. Logan with his own jab. I can’t believe I’m typing this up. KSI with a right hand that only partially lands upstairs. Some dirty boxing in close and they are broken up after a clinch. It’s an ugly start to the fight. Paul doubles up on the jab and goes to the body. Awful looking right hand and left hook by KSI. Another jab by Paul. Good right hand by KSI. They are swinging for the fences and it’s brutal. Body shot by KSI. Paul lands a jab. KSI responds with his own jab. Paul with a left hook. They trade power shots in close. 10-9 KSI..

Round 2 – Nice jab by KSI and then a body shot. KSI misses with two wild hooks. Logan backs up KSI with a jab. KSI keeps looking for that home run shot. Left hook lands and a right hand does too. Three jabs by Logan Paul. Both men start to throw haymakers again and that gets the crowd hyped. Jab backs up Logan Paul. KSI lunges with a left hook and takes horrible swings. KSI is breathing heavily. He might be two rounds up, but at what cost? 20-18 KSI.

Round 3 – Paul keeps his jab going. Two more big swings and misses by KSI. Paul dodges a left hook. Right hand DROPS PAUL! OR NOT?! He’s down but Jack Reiss says no knockdown. Right hand almost behind the head by KSI. Left hook on the exit lands for KSI. 30-27 KSI.

Round 4 – Good right hand by Logan Paul stuns KSI momentarily. So far Paul is trying to stay disciplined but KSI keeps firing off haymakers. Paul dodges one power shot. Right hand by Paul and an uppercut drops KSI! NO! Somehow Jack Reiss says it’s not a knockdown. And it’s because he held him while hitting him and then hitting him while he was down, which would be the right call. Now Reiss says score the knockdown but DOCK two points from Paul. The fight restarts and not much else happens. 38-35 KSI.

Round 5 – Left hook by KSI and Paul rolls with it. Jabs to the body by Logan Paul. They trade jabs. Ugly clinching and throwing inside. KSI eats a jab. Left hook to the body by Paul. Hard jab by Paul. KSI charging forward but nothing doing, and he takes a 1-2 from Paul. Another uppercut by Paul. 47-45 KSI.

Round 6 – Both men starting out the final frame aggressively. Logan Paul with the stiffer jab. Roundhouse right to the body by KSI. A right hand lands upstairs for KSI but Paul responds with a jab. Hard shot by KSI. Jab by KSI. Big body shot too. He might have found his second wind. Right hand by KSI and Paul backs up. More holding and more warnings from the ref. *57-54 KSI.

Official result: KSI def. Logan Paul by split decision (56-55 Paul, 57-54 KSI, 56-55 KSI)

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