Alistair Overeem on how he’s withstood tests of time during two-decade career

For two decades, Alistair Overeem has competed at the highest level against the best fighters in the world.

Champions and challengers have come and gone. Yet Overeem (45-17 MMA, 10-6 UFC) is still here, hovering at the top of the division, headlining shows as he tries to earn his second UFC title shot.

So what makes him different? What makes him stand out above the pack and withstand the tests of time?

In a recent interview posted on, Overeem gave insight on his mentality as a fighter. From a young age, Overeem said the fighter’s mentality has mirrored his own.

“I think I’ve always been a fighter,” Overeem said. “I’ve always kicked ass – even before I was professionally a fighter. I’d have fights in the street and it even got me in trouble a couple of times.

“Some people will never be fighters, and then some people are born fighters.”

For all he’s accomplished, there is one feat he still hasn’t tackled – winning the UFC heavyweight championship. After all these years, Overeem is still motivated by the elusive nature of the belt.

“I have my own goals – of course: UFC gold,” Overeem said. “To win the title would be a great close on my career.”

One of his keys to success, Overeem has used MMA as an outlet for his physicality. The former Strikeforce champion has been able to harness his aggression and translate it into a successful career.

“I think us fighters go for amazing stories,” Overeem said. “My career in particular has been a long adventure. I think I was built for it. I’ve been all over the world. I’ve fought in 89 fights, kickboxing and MMA. I’m just doing my thing. I’m following my passion. It’s been a great adventure and I’m still going strong.”

In the video above, hear more about Overeem’s mentality from the man himself.

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